Barbed gate

Barbed gate, 2017

Public installation. Steel structure, barbed wire.

A public installation in the heart of the city Tunis made from steels and barbed wire, covering a large historical and symbolic gate-monument, the Bab El Bhar (the gate of the sea).

Structure engineer : Khemaies Ferchichi
Engineer : Mohamed Ben Ismail
Structure technician : Montassar Hachani
Civil engineer ENIT : Sami Montassar
Trainees ENIT : Nadya Aamira, Chaima Arouri
Architect ENAU : Chiraz Chtara
Trainees ENAU : Faten Sbaai, Youssef Mrabet, Khaled Abdallah, Syrine Belfetni
Prototype teem : Mondher Ben Abdallah, Hatem Ben Abdallah, Skander Riahi, Khaled Souid
Assistant : Oumeyma Medini
Production : L’Art Rue / Dream City
With the support of the ministry of cultural affairs.
Partners : CIAG Concept, ENAU, ENIT
Technical partners : SYBEL Light & Sound