The Anti-Clock Projectx

The Anti-Clock Project, 2015.

3D print and 11 drawings. Courtesy Venice Biennale & Barjeel Foundation © Photography: Alessandra Chamollo

The Anti-Clock project is an utopian urban project aiming to destroy a Tunisian monument, the 7th of November Watch Tower or Clock through another monument, The Tour of Culture. The installation, printed in 3D, shows the downtown where the intervention was meant to take place as well as the construction of a suspended path. The suspended path resembles a rollercoaster conveying the Tour of Culture’s as a spherical element being thrown onto the face of the Clock. The Clock destruction project focuses indeed on a double discourse: one utopian –the impossibility of its realisation and the importance of the artistic gesture- and finally, another functional –employing a useless monument to abolish an absolute one.